Superficial Radial Artery Illustration


In the majority of cases, the radial artery runs underneath to the tendons of the abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis and longus but in rare cases, the radial artery has been found to run superficial to these tendons. The anomaly of the superficial radial artery has been described in literature on 19 occasions but no anatomical images have ever been provided. Despite the artery having less protection, no reported injuries resulting from this variation have been identified.

Nelson Davis, an author of the paper, commissioned the illustration and colorized photographs to accompany the publication. The illustration was created using Procreate and Photoshop, and labeled in Illustrator. The photographs were edited and colorized in Photoshop and labeled in Illustrator. 

Final Design

Superficial Radial Artery Illustration


View of Vessels at Elbow
Callout for Palmar View
Palmar View Palmar View

Photos by Nelson Davis, retouching and colorization by Jack Nelson.

Copyright 2021 Jack Nelson 

Nelson Davis, Robert Hage. Unusual case of a superficial radial artery. Int J Anat Var. 2021;14(6):103-105.

This variation of the radial artery was discovered on a prosected donor specimen at St. George's University and was documented in the paper titled, “Unusual Case of a Superficial Radial Artery.”  The paper was published in the International Journal of Anatomical Variations.


Jack Nelson 

Medical Illustration