Cadaver Dissection and Research

Face and Neck Anatomy1

The first step I take to create an illustration is gathering reference material. This sketch was drawn from life after a cadaver dissection. 


Facail Nerve Sketch 1
Facail Nerve Sketch 2
Facail Nerve Sketch 3

To get a better idea of how I wanted to display the information, I did a series of sketches layered on top of each other. Using a lateral view of my face as a reference, I did a quick pencil drawing as a base layer. I drew the subsequent layers on tracing paper above the original, starting with the skull, then moving to the nerves,  arteries, musculature, and glands that I wanted to focus on.  

Digital Workflow

Facial Nerve3 copy
Facial Nerve3
Facial Nerve2
Facial Nerve 1

I start my digital illustrations by first painting everything in greyscale. This helps me ensure that the composition has a complete range of values. Once I am satisfied with the value painting, I add a layer of color over top. Each layer of anatomy is added separately, allowing me to mask and edit each structure individually.

Final Illustration

facial nerve labeled
Facial Nerve

Jack Nelson 

Medical Illustration