Dragonfly Animation

Flight Pattern Practice

Final Animation

In this project, I wanted to explore the flight pattern of dragonflies. Additionally, this project was the first time I used the redshift render engine. A challenge was figuring out how to create responsive water droplets that would bounce off the dragonfly. I used the C4D hair object to instance the water droplets which allowed for dynamic simulations. 

Rigging Practice

Praying Mantis Mandibles

In this animation, I wanted to capture the mesmerizing process that a praying mantis takes to clean itself. The mantis, like many insects, have complex structures around their mouth to help them eat and clean themselves which proved to be an interesting challenge to rig and animate. 

Tarantula Walk Cylce

Spiders have a specific pattern to how they move their legs.  This was something I wanted to explore in this animation. Additionally, I wanted to capture the iridescent hair that can be seen on many species of tarantula, including the greenbottle blue tarantula shown here. 

Octopus Render

Octo Composite

This still render of an octopus was created to practice using redshift materials, as well as VDB objects in Cinema 4D. A VDB is a 3D file used for creating things like clouds, smoke, or explosions. In this render, two separate VDBs are being used to simulate octopus ink and a cloud of sand underwater.