Bacterial Cancer Therapy 

This animation explores the possibility of using magnetotactic bacteria as an alternative to traditional cancer therapies to combat tumor growth in hard to reach areas of the body. See the full process below. 

Process Work 


After researching my topic, I created a storyboard to organize my ideas in a visual and written format. This helps the animation progress in a logical sequence and allows others to understand your vision for the project before you invest a significant amount of time creating it. Here you will see my initial sketches and final storyboard arranged into a slide for each scene. 

Story Board Pres

Motion Testing

The next step in creating this animation was creating the scenes in Cinema 4D. Using my storyboard and voice recorded script, I created scene files to follow the story I was trying to tell. I first focused on the overall movement and form of the scene before any fine details were added. Some scenes were edited and did not make it into the final animation.  


After motion testing, I began to texture, light, and add details to the scenes. Here are some initial renders I made to test the different textures and effects I wanted to achieve. 

Healthy Cell

Healthy Cell 

Cancer cell division using Cinema 4D's Metaball 

Cancer Cell

Cancerous Cell

Cancer cell membrane motion using an animated displacement map. 

Final Animation 

After compositing all of the audio, final renders, and other assets into After Effects, I was able to complete the animation. You can see the full video below. 


Jack Nelson 

Medical Illustration