AMI Conference 2022



I designed a Cinema 4D workshop for the 2022 Association of Medical Illustrators conference on rigging and animation in 3D. While the workshop could not be delivered in its original form due to uncontrollable circumstances, the content was able to be adapted into a presentation at the Maxon booth and a Tech Showcase, both of which received excellent attendance and positive feedback.

Rigging Workshop Demo Reel

This demo reel was created to advertise my rigging workshop. Some clips in the video are from Eric Small, a senior medical animator who works at Mad Microbe Studios, who helped give me advice on designing the workshop. The clips in this video were slightly adapted to present as a tech showcase.

Maxon Booth Presentation


The Maxon presentation was an hour-long demo on how to rig a simple character in Cinema 4D. The character took inspiration from a Bacteriophage, a virus that resembles a 6 legged creature. The demonstration showed some of the less talked about tools within Cinema 4D to help speed up the rigging workflow, as well as techniques to keep your object manager organized. 

Tech Showcase

 The tech showcase was a shorter presentation that repeated multiple times as different groups filtered through. This presentation showed use case scenarios for different rigging tools within Cinema 4D, with specific emphasis on the CMotion object and procedural tools. While commonly used for walk cycle animations, the CMotion object can be used for many other repetitive sequences, such as a heart beating, lung respiration, or an immune cell navigating through epithelial tissue. Eric Small also helped present how to rig a spline for use in a suture animation.

A special thank you goes out to Eric Small, and Wes Price, who helped make these presentations possible. Eric is a senior medical animator at Mad Microbe Studios, and helped by giving me feedback on the content and with delivering the tech showcase. Wes is the senior director of biomedical visualization at the Mayo Clinic, and helped me with getting the workshop accepted and overall AMI mentorship.   


Jack Nelson 

Medical Illustration